Use HubSpot VID as a Contact Property


  1. Create a new Contact property in your HubSpot account called “Copy of VID”.
  2. Download the “sync-vid-as-contact-property.php” file using the form below. Then, upload it to your web host.

  3. Open your “sync-vid-as-contact-property.php” file and in the “Configuration” section, enter your HubSpot API key.
  4. In the “Configuration” section, enter the Internal Name of the property you created in Step 1.
  5. Run this script by going to your “sync-vid-as-contact-property.php” file in your web browser. It will take a few minutes to load.
  6. Check your Contacts to see if the “Copy of VID” property is now set to each Contact’s corresponding VID.
  7. In order to keep the “Copy of VID” property synced for current and future Contacts, create a new Standard Workflow called “Sync VID as Contact Property”.
  8. Edit the workflow’s start so that Contacts are enrolled automatically when the “Copy of VID” Contact property is unknown.
  9. Add a “Trigger a webhook” action to the workflow. Select the GET method. For the webhook URL, enter the full URL of your “sync-vid-as-contact-property.php” file.
  10. Create a new Contact in your account. After a few minutes, go to the Contact’s properties and double-check that “Copy of VID” was set correctly by the workflow.

Original feature request

Enabling use of the vid (HubSpot’s visitor identification number) would let us do a multitude of things internally.

Everything from incentivized Friend referral programs to eCommerce Discounts to deeper Lead Scoring tracking techniques.