Import HubSpot Contacts Without Email Addresses

This feature request is from Taylor:

We have lead lists that our sales people will call to get their email addresses but we don’t want them to manage the list outside of Hubspot and then enter them once we get the email. We also don’t want them to manually input thousands of contacts so they can use the sales CRM dialer. This would be great for both contacts and companies.


  1. Create a CSV spreadsheet of all of the contacts you want to import into HubSpot.
  2. Edit each column heading in your CSV so that it matches the Internal Name of its corresponding contact property. For example:
    firstname lastname phone
    John Smith 123-456-7890
  3. Select all of the code in the text box below and copy it.
  4. Create a new PHP file on your web server and paste the code in it.
  5. Get a HubSpot refresh token.
  6. Go back to the code you pasted and on line 3, enter your HubSpot refresh token between the quotation marks.
  7. In your web browser, navigate to the PHP file that you created.
  8. Click the “Choose File” button and select your CSV file.
  9. Click the “Add contacts to HubSpot” button.