How to create a HubSpot developer account

A HubSpot developer account allows you to create custom add-ons and integrations for your regular HubSpot account.

This type of account is completely separate from your regular account and you should use a different email address.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter your first name, last name and an email address. Then, click the “Start building apps” button. WARNING: You should use an email address that you have never used in HubSpot before when creating this account.7021615955
  3. You should now see this screen.74716151033
  4. Go to the inbox of the email address that you just used to sign up for an account. You should see a new email from HubSpot with the subject line “We’ve created a HubSpot account for you.” Open that email.71416151035
  5. The email should look something like this. Click on the “set your password” link.72916151037
  6. That link will take you to a screen that looks like this.73416151041
  7. Create a new password for your HubSpot account, then type it again to confirm. As the instructions state, your password must be at least six characters long and include at least one digit or uppercase letter. Once you’ve done that, click the “Save Password” button.73216151043
  8. You’ll then see this success message. Click the “Back to Login” link, which will take you to
  9. On the log in screen, enter the email address and password of the Developer account you just created. (By the way, you should store those login credentials in a safe place.) Then, click the “Log In” button.71216151048

Congratulations! You have successfully created a HubSpot developer account. This is completely separate from your regular HubSpot account, so don’t worry about screwing anything up. You’ll notice when you log in that this new developer account has a trial of HubSpot’s Marketing product. HubSpot is working to make it more clear that your Developer account does not expire, so you can rest easy.

Now that you have a Developer account, you’ll be able to “look under the hood” of HubSpot and create custom add-ons and integrations.

You might be thinking, “But I don’t know how to create custom add-ons and integrations.” That’s where Hubhacker comes in. The tutorials on this site provide you with step-by-step instruction to help you customize HubSpot to better serve your business.