How to create a HubSpot app

Once you have created a HubSpot developer account, the next step is to create a HubSpot app.


Go to and log in using your HubSpot developer account.


Click the dropdown menu in the top-left of your screen and then click on “Development.”


Click the blue “Get Started” button.


Give your app a name. You can change this at any time.


If you don’t plan on sharing this app with other HubSpot users, then select the “One off” option.


Click the blue “Create” button.


Congratulations! You’ve just created a HubSpot app. If you are only planning on creating custom HubSpot features for your own business, and not the general public, then this is probably the only time that you will need to create a HubSpot app. You can use the same app over and over for whatever type of custom features and functionality you want to build.