Create HubSpot CRM tasks in workflows


  1. Download the “create-hubspot-task-in-workflow.php” file using the form below. Then, upload it to your web host.

  2. Open your “create-hubspot-task-in-workflow.php” file. In the “Configuration” section, enter the description that the task will have.
  3. In the “Configuration” section, enter a random username and password.
  4. In the “Configuration” section, enter your HubSpot API key.
  5. Open a workflow and add a “Trigger a webhook” action at the point where you want the task to be created.
  6. Select “POST” for the webhook’s method.
  7. For the webhook’s URL, enter the full URL of your “create-hubspot-task-in-workflow.php” file, making sure to start with “http://” or “https://”.
  8. Check the webhook’s “Use authentication?” option. Then, enter the username and password that you created in Step 3 of these instructions.
  9. Save this new webhook action, then enroll a test contact in the workflow.

Original feature request

Right now users can create a Salesforce Task within a workflow. It would be super cool to also create a HubSpot CRM task.

The uses are endless. But two examples are:
1. Sales users could then add a contact to a prospecting workflow involving a number of calls and emails.
2. Tasks for a sales user to follow up on content downloads could be automatically assigned.