Automatically Capitalize HubSpot Contact Name Fields

1. Download the “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file using the form below. Then, upload it to your web host.

2. Copy your HubSpot API key and paste it in the “Configuration” section of your “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file.

3. Go to your “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file in your web browser.

4. (Optional) Set up a cron job that will run the “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file on a regular schedule.

I’ve noticed that the contact names in the list under Contact Home all have capitalized first letters (both first and last names). Yet the contact names held in the contact properties are kept exactly as the contact typed them in. This means that when emails are sent out automatically to a list containing those names the greeting will use the property form that the contact typed in. So you get “Hi bill”, for example, instead of “Hi Bill”.

There are at least a few issues with this approach:
1) It gives the game away that my “personalized” email is really just an automatic response.
2) It’s poor grammar
3) Because lists use upper case first letters, the only way to tell if the contact typed in upper or lower case first letters is to open each record and check. If they haven’t you have to change the first letters and then remember to hit “save all changes”

My suggestion is to automatically capitalize the first letters of any name fields in the contact properties. Failing that, one option would be to provide a global setting that would enable this change to be selected.
Alternatively, just do not capitalize the name first letters in lists. That way HubSpot clients could see which names had been typed with lower case first letters and would only have to open those records to change them.