Automatically Capitalize HubSpot Contact Name Fields

1. Download the “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file using the form below. Then, upload it to your web host.

2. Copy your HubSpot API key and paste it in the “Configuration” section of your “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file.

3. Go to your “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file in your web browser.

4. (Optional) Set up a cron job that will run the “capitalize-hubspot-contacts.php” file on a regular schedule.

I’ve noticed that the contact names in the list under Contact Home all have capitalized first letters (both first and last names). Yet the contact names held in the contact properties are kept exactly as the contact typed them in. This means that when emails are sent out automatically to a list containing those names the greeting will use the property form that the contact typed in. So you get “Hi bill”, for example, instead of “Hi Bill”.

There are at least a few issues with this approach:
1) It gives the game away that my “personalized” email is really just an automatic response.
2) It’s poor grammar
3) Because lists use upper case first letters, the only way to tell if the contact typed in upper or lower case first letters is to open each record and check. If they haven’t you have to change the first letters and then remember to hit “save all changes”

My suggestion is to automatically capitalize the first letters of any name fields in the contact properties. Failing that, one option would be to provide a global setting that would enable this change to be selected.
Alternatively, just do not capitalize the name first letters in lists. That way HubSpot clients could see which names had been typed with lower case first letters and would only have to open those records to change them.

Remove Duplicate Companies in HubSpot


  1. Download the required file for this tutorial using the form below.

  2. Upload the file to your web host
  3. Copy your HubSpot API key and paste it in the “Configuration” section of your “remove-duplicate-hubspot-companies.php” file.
  4. Go to your “remove-duplicate-hubspot-companies.php” file in your web browser.
  5. Select which companies you want to delete then click the Delete selected companies button.



Original feature request

The feature exists to merge two contacts (where they are really the same person and just a duplicate), and I think it would be great to have that same ability with companies.

Add “Log in with LinkedIn” Button to Landing Pages and Blogs in HubSpot

This tutorial will teach you how to add a “Sign in with LinkedIn” button to any page in your HubSpot account. This way, people don’t have to fill out a complicated form. When a visitor clicks the button, they will be asked to allow you to access their LinkedIn account. They will then be added as a Contact to your HubSpot account and redirected to whatever “Thank You” page you define.


1. Download the “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file using the form below. Then, upload it to your web host.

2. Open the “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file on your server and enter the full URL of that file, and the URL of your Thank You page, in the “Configuration” section.

3. Copy your HubSpot API key and paste it in the “Configuration” section.

4. Go to and create a new application. For the “Application Logo URL” you can use as a placeholder.

5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret of your LinkedIn app and paste them in the “Configuration” section of your “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file.

6. Add the full URL of your “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file in the OAuth 2.0 settings for your LinkedIn app.

7. You can now link to your “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file just like a normal web page. You can get the official “Sign in with LinkedIn” buttons at

Universal unsubscribe link for any HubSpot contact

Use the form below to download the “unsubscribe-from-hubspot.php” file referenced in this video. Then, upload it to your web host.

Here’s the original forum thread:

And here’s the question from that forum thread:
Is there a universal unsubscribe or opt-out function?
I had a client ask me today if there was a universal unsubscribe function that allows us to embed links into emails sent outside of the Hubspot software, so their recipients can opt out. I guess Marketo offers this, and when sales teams start taking some of these emailing initiatives into their own hands, it could be a useful way to avoid being marked as spam.

HubSpot OAuth integration example

I recently saw this job posting on Upwork that had a title of “HubSpot oAuth integration example.” The posting said:

I need you to make an OAuth integration example with HubSpot’s API:

The steps for the flow should be:

  1. Click a link to go to HubSpot’s oauth page
  2. After login, user should be redirected to your script
  3. The oauth credentials should persist indefinitely until the user revokes them

After I read it I thought, “I can do that. And there are probably other HubSpot users that would find this useful as well.” So in this tutorial, I’m going to show you an example of an OAuth integration using the HubSpot API.

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How to change the playback speed for Wistia videos in the HubSpot Academy

The HubSpot Academy has a ton of useful information for learning about HubSpot and inbound marketing.

A lot of the content is video-based, which is great. But just like when I listen to podcasts, I prefer watching videos at a faster playback rate. By setting the video speed to 1.5x or 2x, I can watch videos much faster without missing out on any information.

This tutorial will show you how to change the playback speed on Wistia videos in the HubSpot Academy so you can save time.

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Import HubSpot Contacts Without Email Addresses

This feature request is from Taylor:

We have lead lists that our sales people will call to get their email addresses but we don’t want them to manage the list outside of Hubspot and then enter them once we get the email. We also don’t want them to manually input thousands of contacts so they can use the sales CRM dialer. This would be great for both contacts and companies.

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