Add “Log in with LinkedIn” Button to Landing Pages and Blogs in HubSpot

This tutorial will teach you how to add a “Sign in with LinkedIn” button to any page in your HubSpot account. This way, people don’t have to fill out a complicated form. When a visitor clicks the button, they will be asked to allow you to access their LinkedIn account. They will then be added as a Contact to your HubSpot account and redirected to whatever “Thank You” page you define.


1. Download the “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file using the form below. Then, upload it to your web host.

2. Open the “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file on your server and enter the full URL of that file, and the URL of your Thank You page, in the “Configuration” section.

3. Copy your HubSpot API key and paste it in the “Configuration” section.

4. Go to and create a new application. For the “Application Logo URL” you can use as a placeholder.

5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret of your LinkedIn app and paste them in the “Configuration” section of your “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file.

6. Add the full URL of your “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file in the OAuth 2.0 settings for your LinkedIn app.

7. You can now link to your “sign-in-with-linkedin.php” file just like a normal web page. You can get the official “Sign in with LinkedIn” buttons at